Patient's Right and Responsibilities


We are committed to providing the highest quality service. This will be achieved by working together.

Help us to help you:

Our Commitment:

  1. Premises will be clean and accessible to all patients.
  2. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. A separate interview room is available if you would like to speak with the receptionist in private.
  3. Urgent requests for appointments will be assessed the same day. Routine appointments will be offered.
  4. Practice staff will offer a friendly, courteous service at all times.
  5. Repeat prescriptions are available 2 working days after request.
  6. If referral to a consultant or other agency is appropriate, this will be made within five working days of your consultation, wherever possible.
  7. Practice leaflets are available with information about the practice and the services offered. Other health information is available on the practice noticeboards and website.
  8. We welcome your comments and suggestions – please address these to the practice manager. We operate a practice complaints procedure – details are available from reception.

Help us to help you:

  1. Please treat our staff with courtesy and respect. We operate a zero tolerance policy for violence and aggression towards our staff.
  2. Please arrive promptly for your appointment and let us know if you will be unable to attend or no longer require your appointment – it may be offered to somebody else.
  3. Please book separate appointments if more than one patient is to be seen.
  4. Please let us know if you change your name, address or telephone number.
  5. Home visits are for patients who are too ill to attend the surgery or for those who are housebound. It is preferable, wherever possible, for patients to attend the surgery where we have far better facilities for examination and treatment. If you do require a home visit, please telephone the surgery before 11am.
  6. Please telephone after 2.30pm for test results – results are usually not available before this time and the receptionist will have more time to help.